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Kinetic Suppressor - Gilbert, Arizona's Premier Suppressor Manufacturer

Our Products


The MOJO 22lr suppressor from Kinetic Suppressor is our only rimfire suppressor. Lightweight and completely serviceable, the MOJO 22 is designed to last a lifetime while providing unsurpassed noise reduction for any 22lr application.

Wizard 9mm

The Wizard 9mm Suppressor features an outside diameter of 1.5" designed to fit inside your handguard.

Racket 7.62

Run this suppressor on your long gun and keep your position a secret.

Sarge 45

A small outside diameter .45 cal suppressor with a big impact!

Mojo 22lr Takedown Tool

Make servicing your MOJO a breeze with our MOJO Takedown Tool.

Racket 7.62 Accessories

Add versatility to your Racket 7.62 suppressor with replacement end caps.

About Us

Kinetic Suppressor Logo Our idea of building suppressors began over 10 years ago. We have 20 years of manufacturing experience and we love firearms, so it was natural to start Kinetic Suppressor. Today we build a product that is affordable and reduces sound (as well, or better than any of the high priced models) while paying attention to detail and quality.

We understand the importance of preserving hearing as well as providing affordable, high quality products. Having a Gun suppressor makes shooting Guns much more enjoyable for everyone involved.

Our lifetime warranty shows our dedication to our clients and friends who use our product.

We continue to research and design new products to meet our customer’s needs and budget. We look forward to helping other families, hunters and gun enthusiast enjoy the sport and keep the noise down.